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The Impact of Mindfulness Meditation

The study does raise an interesting question, though: Don’t we need to ruminate on negative thoughts if we want to be successful?

Absolutely. I’ve been meditating for five years and I still firmly believe in the value of stress and worry. However, we have a tendency to make the suffering inherent in being alive worse than it needs to be. What mindfulness does is help you draw the line between what I call “constructive anguish” and useless rumination. Maximize the former and minimize the latter and it’s likely to give you a real edge. You’ll be happier, less prone to making emotional decisions, and more popular with the people in your orbit.

There’s a difference between thinking a problem through versus obsessing over it. As relevant as ever in hyper speed NYC where the hectic pace could literally kill you over time. We deal with difficult co-workers, demanding document work, and stressful calls with clients. It’s easy to be caught up in anxiety and letting it kill your productivity. Sometimes in the midst of the chaos, I just close my eyes and take a breath, centering myself in the eye of the storm. That couple of minutes might just save your day. Enjoy your Sunday. The grind starts again tomorrow. And onwards.

(via New York Magazine)

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June 22, 2014 · 5:52 PM

Transparency, National Security, and The Media

Opinion polls indicate that Americans’ confidence in their elected representatives is at a record low. Improving media access to this crucial aspect of our national life — where America has committed the men and women of its armed services — would be a powerful step toward re-establishing trust between voters and officials.

Chelsea Manning on national security and the media’s responsibility for the public good. With the CIA’s debut on Twitter, this provokes some thought regarding how social media is increasingly becoming regulated with Net Neutrality, SOPA, and so forth. Read the rest here.

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June 15, 2014 · 10:33 PM