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[Link] The Agile Marketer: Spryness, Content Automation and Social Media

At my first social media job, I used Hootsuite’s scheduling publisher religiously. It was retweetable quotes and hashtagged links every 5 minutes. There was massive initial growth. However, now I wonder if it was the strength of the Donna Karan name rather than the consistent automation. As I started a new Twitter handle for work purposes, I’ve been less inclined to perform the “marathon method” and try the targeting of specific hashtag events. Fast Company is usually hit-or-miss for me but I really enjoyed this article by Michelle Nikolaisen from Bombchelle. It’s actually the age-old wisdom of quality versus quantity. Interesting how my philosophy and practices around social media has shifted dramatically in a few short years.

I’m going to apply this methodology and report on the results soon.

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June 16, 2014 · 9:43 PM

Transparency, National Security, and The Media

Opinion polls indicate that Americans’ confidence in their elected representatives is at a record low. Improving media access to this crucial aspect of our national life — where America has committed the men and women of its armed services — would be a powerful step toward re-establishing trust between voters and officials.

Chelsea Manning on national security and the media’s responsibility for the public good. With the CIA’s debut on Twitter, this provokes some thought regarding how social media is increasingly becoming regulated with Net Neutrality, SOPA, and so forth. Read the rest here.

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June 15, 2014 · 10:33 PM