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Big Data Will Spur Music Past Streaming Model

Right now, big platforms like YouTube and Spotify control the monetized content market. But this is changing. Be prepared for at least one more shift in consumption that favors direct-to-fan relationships. You’ll see more middlemen cut to improve margins and add deeper fan engagement, I believe the recent acquisition of Beats by Apple is a key indicator into what is coming. Artists will begin to partner with brands and go direct to the consumers that overlap those interests for the benefit of everyone involved.

I highly recommend this Medium article by Scott McLeod on the evolution of music’s digital landscape. He makes a compelling argument about the consumption of music and its monetization after the incredible upheavals the industry faced due to the Internet. He carefully charts this paradigm shift from the Napster days till now, especially how the record label lost its sovereignty over the relationship between artist and consumer. This led to the rise of streaming services like Pandora and Spotify. He says the current model, however, harms the artist’s ability to create because of bleeding revenue. Much has been documented about how little money musicians make from these platforms. Continue reading

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Social Business Means People

Our livelihood is a science and an art combined. We review metrics and crunch numbers to inform our performance, but we primarily engage in a sociological artform called people—prone to shifting trends, often unpredictable in terms of media consumption as a hive.

People obsess over “viral” content as the holy grail. I disagree with this. We’ve seen a campaign go viral, and for all the wrong reasons. Let’s transition from an old school mentality of advertising. Don’t pay money to hit ‘em hard and fast and as many as you can. It isn’t solely about impressions gained. Customers have a voice, and it’s up to them whether your content produces real results. It’s an exchange between brand and consumer in a flurry of content and conversation which leads you to the crème de la crème: community!

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