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Slated for the Trash! From Reputable Media to Clickbait Journalism

It looks like Slate is headed the way of Buzzfeed judging by this article from Torie Bosch. Clickbait headlines which puts the Daily Mail and the rest of the British tabloids to shame. Depending on outsourced content and demonstrating no thought leadership. It makes me not wanna check out the media giant’s new project Future Tense, which seems to be a guinea pig for the “online content model”—AKA more clickbait trash. I keep saying it and I will say it again. The absolute thirst for dollars from brainless fast food traffic generated will ruin ya’all. Slate shouldn’t be trying to be Buzzfeed stylistically in order to gain its “viral” traffic. It brings short term revenue spikes leading to long-term loss. I hope Slate Plus is successful because the subscription model might be the only thing shifting them away from this terrible mindset. They will focus on catering to members demanding quality content versus gotcha! traffic revenue.

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