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Mark My Words: Google Plus Wins

ImageBig G simply dominates certain areas of the web. Search is a biggie. Email is another one. However, the empire’s expansionism occurs in less transparent ways. Business listings. Recommendations. In every possible way a person can operate the Internet, Google aims to be monolithic.

Through integration, they are socializing web activity and the average netizen doesn’t even realize it. I always thought that Google Plus was failing because there was nothing being said. No buzz. No press. No blogger frothing at the mouth. But that’s exactly the point. Google is winning by duping us like the foolish and ravenous consumers we are. Dangling the carrot without showing the stick. The general public may later realize that we are a part of an online ecosystem where communication with each other is happening on their domain, on their watch, and on their terms. Obviously, they won’t please everybody. That’s the point though. You gotta suck it up and deal with it. Empires are built on fealty and folly.

(SOURCE: Fast Company)

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