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What is Market Intelligence Now?

“You should assume your audience is weird and intelligent. Treat them like insiders, not drooling idiots. Everyone knows it’s easily possible to find answers and conduct research so understand that people will get up to speed themselves.”

The Future Buzz

Don’t talk at people. Talk to them. Most people believe content marketing is top five lists and shareable pictures. Sure, thought leadership is important. Influencers are touted as top currency on certain platforms. Regardless of the trends, however, it takes a certain mentality to mold content for the digitally savvy consumer.  Engagement has become a buzzword when it should be a frame of mind.  Continue reading

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February 27, 2013 · 11:45 PM

Social Business Means People

Our livelihood is a science and an art combined. We review metrics and crunch numbers to inform our performance, but we primarily engage in a sociological artform called people—prone to shifting trends, often unpredictable in terms of media consumption as a hive.

People obsess over “viral” content as the holy grail. I disagree with this. We’ve seen a campaign go viral, and for all the wrong reasons. Let’s transition from an old school mentality of advertising. Don’t pay money to hit ‘em hard and fast and as many as you can. It isn’t solely about impressions gained. Customers have a voice, and it’s up to them whether your content produces real results. It’s an exchange between brand and consumer in a flurry of content and conversation which leads you to the crème de la crème: community!

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