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STFU: Social Media and Narcissism


Correlating social media with narcissism is one of the weakest moves I’ve ever seen mainstream media and culture critics do. New York Times bombarded us with article after article pontificating on whether Millenials are doomed to generational failures revolving around selfie-indulgence and thirsty vines. They collected a panel of ‘experts’ on Facebook and Narcissism to waste my time reading their garbage last year and I’ve belatedly decided to give it my review. It’s still relevant because I hear stuff like this all the time. It’s my blog so I’ll vent if I wanna. Continue reading

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Recommended: “Your Newfangled Media Algorithms are Bullshit.”

Another must-read on Medium by Erin Biba. It’s an incisive look at creative labor and exploitation online by the “new media” content farming model. Digital media utilizes so many resources to quantify the impact of content (algorithms! clicks converted!)  without protecting the inherent value of those who create said content (human beings whose livelihoods are undermined). It’s a serious problem.

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June 1, 2014 · 5:55 AM