Dear Exploitative Agencies and Hapless Freelancers

Here’s what you’re not going to do. You’re not going to prosper by using my ideas and stuffing your bellies while I go broke and penniless. You’re not going to ask me for strategies to execute a campaign for a current client. You’re not going to tell me it’s all in order to “test” my skills before hiring me. You’re not going to tell me they aren’t good enough then turn around and use them for your benefit as if I never existed. Most of all, you’re not going to receive any unpaid labor from yours truly. Enough is enough.

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Trends of the Visual Web

Visual Eye

Animated GIFs are now a thing on Twitter, cover photos on LinkedIn are arriving soon, and every major social platform is looking like Facebook. Every media publisher virtually has the same design. Splash image at the top, with endless scrolling (streaming navigation in lieu of actual pages) and minimalist interfaces. Big fonts and lots of white space. Curated and outsourced content. Aggregation is in. Personality is out. Content is organized by topics and hashtags, not by authors. The digital landscape is content farms, animated photos placed into collage photo-sets, social shares, trivialized hyper-transparency and questionable privacy settings.

I’m so bored, y’all. Either websites are out of the loop in terms of content optimization and leads-revenue conversion or they are posturing #SMWNYC wannabes with a sheep mentality. Just give me a nice budget and free rein to creatively make you money. Handholding is fine. You’ll be in the loop. Just let me work my magic. 

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